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We can be contacted at any time by email by using the above email form. Please select the department you would like to contact from the drop down list. We ask you to provide as much information as possible for us to offer you the best possible service. You can also also reach us by phone on 0845 862 1054 BUT if the nature of your enquiry relates to any of the options from the drop down list above, then email would be the best method of communication to obtain the best level of service'. Business hours which are 9:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday.

If you are looking for a material not contained within the quote engine, please complete all of your worktop requirements choosing any material within the quotation tool. After you have clicked 'calculate cost' a box will appear headed 'helpful information'. Simply insert in this box 'please quote this specification using the alternative material named ABCDEFG'. Once we are in receipt of this information we will come back to you with a quotation for your preferred material choice.




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A modern kitchen interior design doesn’t have to be made necessarily by a famous top interior designer, you can just make it yourself if you have the big picture in your head and if you have a few good kitchen design ideas from which to draw your inspiration.

Inspiration from the best in the architecture & interior design industry. Watch, adapt & adopt!

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